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Summer 2016

3-D Work

ABOVE VIDEO: Made in Maya @ Gnomon: Intro to Maya Class. Jack of Lantern & candle stick holders were downloaded from maya resource website. Everything else was created by me. Images in portraits were not painted by me either.

Storyboard Sequences

Storyboard animatic sequence from Gnomon storyboarding class (2012). A reimagining of an already completed film.

Figure Drawing &


Term 1 Projects

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Kalden Final Redner 2013

Advanced Character Design in 2013 at Gnomon. Kalden is a character from my original series Destiny of the Marked. He's a master of magical arts, a little crazy, secretive and a bookworm. i decided to go asymmetrical to give him a disruptive look and the side cape making him feel like he's hiding something - a limp leg - among other things. He's dressed in regal coloring (purple hues) because he is also very proper and always in control of what he says and in what emotions he shows.