3D Work - Gnomon 2016-2018

* Class assignments while enrolled in the 2-Year Modeling  and Texturing track at Gnomon.


Term 6: Fall 2017

Term 5: Summer 2017

Term 4: Spring 2017

Lighting 2 Final (above) - model, some textures and animation was provided by instructor.
Videos Below - Manta Drone - modeled and texture (original concept by Robert Chew)
                       - Head and Torso Clay studies.

Term 3: Fall 2017

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Term 2: Fall 2016

Swamp Cottage 

at the 2016 Student

Gnomon Gallery

Term 1: Summer 2016

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Xhozu Creature Design - Hero Shot

"Hero Shot" for my Xhozu Creature for digital sculpting class. Only have used zbrush once before this, so I learned a lot. A xhozu is a swamp dwelling large rodent (size of an Quakka). I wanted to have something that could exist in the same world as my cottage from term 2 and the creature will collecting things for the apothecary witch that lives there. Everything was done in Zbrush (Hair, Texture, Sculpt) and then photo edited in Photoshop using the passes exported from Zbrush.