3D Work - Gnomon 2016-2018

* Class assignments while enrolled in the 2-Year Modeling  and Texturing track at Gnomon.


Term 6: Fall 2017

Term 5: Summer 2017

Term 4: Spring 2017

Lighting 2 Final (above) - model, some textures and animation was provided by instructor.
Videos Below - Manta Drone - modeled and texture (original concept by Robert Chew)
                       - Head and Torso Clay studies.

Term 3: Fall 2017

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Term 2: Fall 2016

Swamp Cottage 

at the 2016 Student

Gnomon Gallery

Term 1: Summer 2016

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Manta Dron Model

Hard surface 2 final. Concept by Robert Chew (lots of animal robots from him!). This drone is a water rescue robot. Really cool design and turned out much harder than I thought initially starting out. Whew. Maya I really want to texture this guy as well. He's all UV'd up!